Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney – Charles W. Campbell

For over 30 years, the Law Office of Charles W. Campbell has been practicing personal injury, bankruptcy, litigation, education and estate law. When you step into the Law Office of Charles W. Campbell, expect to meet a legal professional with an in-depth knowledge of the law who is down to earth and is client-centric. Attorney Charles W. Campbell devotes the time needed for each case and provides practical legal solutions. Integrity, excellence, results and a strong client commitment are the hallmarks of the Law Office of Charles W. Campbell.

Personal Injury and Litigation: The Law Office of Charles W. Campbell

Winning a personal injury case is dependent on establishing negligence, proving direct damages and having a strong negotiator who has the skills and experience to attain fair compensation from the insurance company. Attorney Charles W. Campbell has battled it out with insurance companies and their representatives both in court and out of the courtroom. With years of experience, he has the legal knowledge to negotiate with insurance claims’ adjusters and courtroom litigation experience to outmaneuver the defendant’s legal counsel. Keep in mind that insurance company’s in-house attorneys are seasoned and will do everything to save their company monies. Attorney Charles W. Campbell levels the playing field and wins cases for his clients.

Bankruptcy and Estate Law: Attorney Charles W. Campbell

Attorney Charles W. Campbell has helped hundreds of clients manage or eliminate their financial woes. He has assisted both business and individual clients choose the best type of bankruptcy to file for, including Chapter 7, 11 and 13. And if filing bankruptcy is not the best option for you, he can help you work out an affordable debt payment plan with creditors. His goal is to help clients get on the financial road to freedom from debt.

The Law Office of Charles W. Campbell helps clients get their house in order with wills and trusts. He carefully listens to clients’ concerns and ensures that their wishes are carried out. He also helps clients choose the best legal instrument to meet their individual needs. Attorney Charles W. Campbell has years of experience in helping executors properly administrate the estate of the decedent.

If you’ve been injured due to the fault of another, are facing financial problems or need to write up an estate plan, turn to the Law Office of Charles W. Campbell for an effective legal strategy.

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