Civil Litigation

The Law Office of Charles W. Campbell offers a wide array of legal services, but one of the firm’s main areas of focus is civil litigation. A knowledgeable attorney with an impressive background in civil litigation, Charles Campbell combines compassionate counsel with aggressive courtroom representation. He cares deeply about his clients and is determined to secure the best possible case outcomes This commitment is evident through every phase of the litigation process.

Civil Versus Criminal Court

A single incident can result in both criminal charges and civil proceedings, but criminal law and civil litigation are otherwise incredibly different. The main distinction between these two areas of law is that civil litigation does not carry the potential for criminal sentencing. Instead, the plaintiff in a civil case may demand monetary relief or equitable relief. Monetary relief involves a cash award, while equitable relief requires the party to do or not do something requested by the plaintiff. The other main difference between civil and criminal law is that civil cases do not require guilt to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Instead, a preponderance of evidence is generally deemed sufficient in civil court.

Types of Civil Litigation

A wide array of cases fall under the umbrella of civil litigation. Many of the litigation cases handled at the Law Office of Charles W. Campbell involve personal injury, in which the negligence of the defendant is deemed responsible for the plaintiff’s physical or emotional suffering. In most personal injury cases, it is the plaintiff’s goal to hold the responsible party accountable, while also securing compensation for any suffering endured as a result of the defendant’s negligence.

Although personal injury is one of the most common types of civil litigation, it is just one of several litigation categories. Commercial and business litigation cases are also quite common. These cases may involve consumer fraud, intellectual property, breach of contract, or breach of fiduciary duty. Other types of civil litigation include divorce litigation, real estate litigation, probate litigation, and bankruptcy litigation.

Because civil litigation is such a diverse area of law, it is important to work with an attorney who has successfully resolved a variety of cases. Charles W. Campbell offers the varied background and breadth of legal knowledge necessary for success in all types of civil litigation.

No matter the nature of your current legal concerns, you can depend on the Law Office of Charles W. Campbell for proactive representation.

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